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Cannabis Oil vs. Hash Oil vs. Hemp Oil

Although smoking is the most common way to use cannabis, at we think that oils from cannabis are the real deal. Oils gotten from by-products of cannabis are becoming more common for its recreational and medicinal uses. Below are guides and how to use these different kinds of cannabis-based oils.
1. Cannabis Oil
Cannabis oil is known for its brown, light green or dark green color and their strong aroma. The oil is the potential source of THC that means it will have a good effect; however, it contains lots of cannabinoids with calming properties. Cannabis oils have potent anti-inflammatory properties and they are used as a treatment for cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. They can be applied to the skin directly or consumed sublingually though people prefer using it as an accompanying ingredient in preparing edibles. Be aware that the effect of consuming cannabis oil takes a while to kick in, most times 30 minutes to 1 hour and it is advisable to go slow and start with low doses.

2. Hash Oil
Hash oil is more powerful than cannabis oil because of the higher concentration of THC, i.e. a more concentrated type cannabis oil. A dab of an extremely little amount of hash oil will get you stoned because hash oil has higher amount of THC. Hash oil is golden in color and often referred to as the ‘honey oil’. The oil can be dabbed, smoked, vaped, used to prepare edibles or used to make ointments. Its medicinal value is known to help relief individuals from mild medical conditions to life-threatening conditions e.g. it relieves sore muscles and more. The oil can help relieve stress and pain and also help improve human moods. The effect of hash oil is very quick making consumers get stoned quickly and this quality attracts much younger age group as the buzz takes a short while to be effective.
3. Hemp Oil
Hemp oil is obtained by extracting oil by compressing hemp seeds. It is important to steer clear of refined hemp oil as it contains no vitamins or antioxidants and it is colorless. Cold-pressed hemp oil is often green in color. Unrefined cold-pressed hemp oil possesses lots of health and medicinal benefits especially Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are beneficial to optimum cellular health. Hemp oil has no THC content and not effective enough to get consumers high, though only traces amount of THC of it can be discovered in hemp oil. Hemp oil is mostly used as a raw material in beauty and health-related products. It is also used industrially in the manufacture of paint, plastics, lubricants, and fuel. Hemp oil burns easily and quickly, hence making it suitable for preparing homemade edibles, also hemp oil can be added as dressing to dishes that require no cooking, e.g. salads. Due to the absence of THC content, consumers cannot get stoned with hemp oil. Hemp oil is sold as supplements at stores and supermarket.

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