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Shatter, crumble, pull-and-snap, wax, sap, honeycomb, budder are some of the names given to extracts of cannabis earned via their diversification, prevalence and popularity. These words are used to describe butane hash oil (BHO), carbon dioxide oil or related hydrocarbon extracts. Although the names may make it seem there are some absolute difference between each extracts but the difference between the crumbly wax and glass-like shatter is more mere than what to expect. For newbies new to the concentrates trend, cannabis extract is any type of oil that concentrates the chemical compounds of the plants like CBD and THC. The oils are obtained via a range of extraction processes and solvent to which the most used is butane. Improvements in the extraction technology have allowed the use of solvents like pure hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide in a process that uses pressure in a safe closed-loop system. The end-product is a highly powerful oil of different consistencies which is popularly used for dabbing and vaporization.

What is Marijuana Shatter?

Shatter is the purest and the cleanest type of marijuana extract, its appearance is a flawless amber glass transparency. However, the translucency of shatter does not determine the sign of quality, the texture and consistency of oil is dependent on different factors.

Shatter appears perfectly clear due to the molecules which is left undisturbed thereby forming a glass-like appearance. Moisture, heat and high terpene content can affect the texture making the oil into a runner substance looking like sap. Oils with a consistency that is between viscous sap and glassy shatter is referred to as pull-and-sap.

What is Marijuana Wax?

Cannabis wax is the softer, opaque oils that do not have their transparency after extraction. The molecules of cannabis wax crystallizes due to agitation unlike transparent oils. Light does not travel through irregular molecular densities, therefore refraction is left with a nontransparent solid oil.

Cannabis wax can take on different consistencies based on texture, heat and moisture of the oil before residual solvents are extracted from the product. Budder are runny oils with moisture that are capable of forming gooey waxes, however the harder oils are likely to take on a brittle but soft texture and are often referred to as honeycomb or crumble. The word wax in this context can be used to describe all the solid, softer textures.

Complex Art of Cannabis Extraction

The purpose where which cannabis extraction is a big competition to cannabis cups i.e. cannabis flower is because the care and knowledge put into extraction of oil I complicated just as the growing of cannabis plant. Each step of the process of extraction requires a balance of science and art, starting with selection of material and concluding with purging and storage method. This is only a simplified description of oil consistencies which is only a tiny bit of the whole rigorous process of this developing craft. It is thrilling to imagine how extensive science and technology will improve its potential.

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