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Cannabis Oil: One Of The Most Potent Cannabis Products Around


Well, don’t be befuddled. This type of oil is merely extracted with the aid of a solvent- grain alcohol and naphtha are the typical ones used to separate the resin from plant material. Naphtha, however, has been deemed too many criticisms. Some say it leaves potentially carcinogenic residue in the cannabis extract. It is also known to be highly flammable, leading to a safety endangerment for individuals who indulge in doing the extraction process by themselves. Thus, to avoid any feasible risk, it is recommended that you use the grain alcohol in the cannabis oil procedure. The major difference in using this grain alcohol is that alcohol solvents are prone to leave more chlorophyll in the terminal extraction whereas the end product will be somewhat darker (but still as potent).

The preparatory methods of cannabis oil for your home consumption is quite an easy one. Nonetheless, you still need to be cautious and take complete safety precautions if you intend to make the cannabis oil on your own because grain alcohol is also flammable.
Ideally, do not make medical cannabis oil indoors or at least, ensure you are not in an enclosed area and search somewhere that is well-ventilated. Open the doors and windows around you, switch on the fans and try to keep a fire extinguisher close by just to guarantee your safety if the worst scenario occurs.

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Our distinguished and popular cancer survivor and cannabis activist, Rick Simpson, started his initial experiments with cannabis extracts.

Rick was able to separate medicinal cannabis resin from the extract of plant materials with the aid of a solvent, leading to a highly concentrated oil. He now began consuming the oil orally and discovered that it assuaged his symptoms. After sometime (around the early 2000s), Simpson was now diagnosed with skin cancer. Having a viable prospect that he could obtain from the cannabis oil, he considered trying to see how it would affect his tumours.
He put a small quantity of the oil into a couple of Band-Aids, covered the area of his skin physically affected by his cancer, and left the bandages on for a few days.
Subsequent comments made by Rick after the experiments went as follows:

“I never felt a thing. Before that, I was getting these sensations, like I had splinters in my face. As soon as I put the oil on, that sensation went away. But, there was no feeling that anything was happening.”
“I left the bandages in place for four days, and when I went down to the bathroom and took the bandages off, I was just shocked. I was all healed. It was just pink skin in both places.”

Rick Simpson’s genuine prospect gave him the drive to announce and share his success and veritable benefits of the cannabis oil. Subsequent reports after his discovery include that he has helped over 5, 000 people treat related conditions with cannabis (at no cost). His film titled, ‘Run from the Cure’ has also been a source of inspiration to many viewers.

2 thoughts on “Cannabis Oil: One Of The Most Potent Cannabis Products Around

  1. René bilodeau says:

    I need cannabis for ptsd and back problems and +++ anxiety . I need something to help me eat also . I’m an ex paramedic and two cushion are missing since my work accident . I have complete medical files

  2. Dave Unger Dave Unger says:

    Good day, we have been using the thc oil (from the syringe) for the last 2 months and thought to change to the 10 mg cannabis out pills. Now when using the syringe oil we would put approximately half a rice kernel amount before bed. So does anyone know how many mgs we were taking before with the half rice kernel amount? So we can know what to expect from these 10 mg pills? Thank you in advance

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