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How to Calculate THC Dosage for Homemade Edibles

Oftentimes people are full of questions about how to incorporate cannabis into cooking most especially the dosing that is to be added which is often the main concern. It is important to estimate rational THC dosage required for cooking, although some certain factors need to be balanced such as tolerance level of individuals with the plant strength. This makes it important to determine the amount of THC each homemade edibles contain. Fortunately, there is a formula that can be used to estimate, although it is not all the way foolproof because of the varying levels of THC in plants. Although for lab-tested cannabis, this formula can be adopted and you can calculate the number of milligrams of THC and CBD an edible may contain per serving.

  • To estimate THC percentage, you need to understand not all marijuana are the same. For instance, if cooking with schwag (i.e. low-quality brick weed), you can use 3% THC to begin your estimate and if your choice of weed is more powerful than schwag then it is safe to begin your estimate with 10% or higher.
  • To calculate; A gram of cannabis = 1000 milligrams. 10% of 1000 mg is 100 mg i.e. if using average cannabis, a gram of cannabis has 100 mg of THC.
  • Next step is to calculate how many mg of cannabis will be in a batch of cannabis batter. For example, one uses 1.27 ounces i.e. 36 grams of marijuana which is of average quality is used to prepare a cup of batter. This, therefore, means 3600 mg of THC is in the cup of batter. It is important to note that the THC content will determine the quantity of batter used.
  • If a ½ cup of batter is used to make 36 cookies, then the batch contains a total of 1800 mg. then, divide 1800 mg per serving i.e. 1800/36. Therefore, each cookie contains 50 mg of THC.

So in summary, to prepare any homemade marijuana-infused edible, start by simply using the figures from lab test or estimate the THC percentage on your choice of plant material. Then divide by 1000 to get the exact amount in mg. Then, analyze the mg in your infusion and also amount of infusion to prepare the recipe. Thereafter, divide the figure by a number of servings prepared to determine the quantity of THC per dose.This formula can be used to easily and quickly determine THC content in any recipe and it makes sure it delivers the desired amount needed. In cases whereby the recipe results in a strong dose, reduce the amount of cannabutter and dilute with normal butter and if cookies are not as strong as wanted add more THC or hash oil. This method makes it very convenient and easy to determine and also control THC content if you want to, you are at liberty to get creative with the flavors you desire. Moderation is key decision to consider here.

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