Benefits of Cannabis to Stay-at-Home Dads Living Across Canada

Benefits of Cannabis to Stay-at-Home Dads Living Across Canada

According to Chad Skelton from the Vancouver Sun, 1 out of every 8 stay-at-home parents in Canada are fathers. Newfoundland, BC, and Alberta Canada see the highest rates of stay-at-home parents in all of Canada. Newfoundland happens to have more stay-at-home dads living there than any of the other provinces in Canada.

Being a stay-at-home dad is part of the times changing. Women are becoming more dominant in the workforce and the old tradition of women staying home while men work is becoming a thing of the past more and more with every passing day. With women entering in to the workforce on a more consistent basis, more dads are given the option to stay at home and raise the children. This entails taking care of all of the children’s needs as well as maintaining the home front. Basically, all of the deeds and chores that stay-at-home moms have done for decades.

Cannabis helps to encourage creativity and inspire the spark that ignites the imagination. As adults, we often lose the creativity and the imagination we had as children. Stay-at-home dads sometimes have a hard time connecting with their children due to this. The difference in an adult world and a child’s world is rather substantial to the eyes of a grown up. A child, however, does not see it this way.

Consuming cannabis helps stay-at-home parents in many different ways. Stay-at-home dads find when they consume cannabis it allows them to do things such as enjoy cartoons and books with their children even more. When it comes to activities that involve creativity and the imagination such as coloring or cutting and pasting shapes to create art, cannabis consuming dads seem to excel in these areas.

There are many strains that are very efficient and consistent at sparking the imagination and allowing individuals the ability to create, imagine and dream of things they never would have otherwise.

For many years it has been the norm for stay at home moms to have a cocktail or glass of wine at the end of the day to help relax and relieve the stress they endure throughout the day. This however is far from what we are seeing in trends of stay at home dads who like to take a toke. Cannabis consumption opens the imagination.

With responsible light consumption throughout the day stay at home dads are finding that they are able to connect with their children on their level. They are able to spark creative activities. They enjoy spending time with their children more due to cannabis allowing them to relax and put the worries of adulthood at the back of their mind for a while. They are also more involved in the daily activities of their children as well.

Cannabis is one of the least harmful, if not the least harmful substance on this planet. It has many benefits to offer and these are not limited to medical patients with debilitating medical conditions. There are many benefits that responsible cannabis consumption has to offer everyone, including stay at home dads.

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