Artisanal Craft Small Batch Hash Made From Top-Shelf British Columbia Canada Organic Marijuana

Artisanal Craft Small-Batch Hash Made From Top-Shelf British Columbia Canada Organic Growers

Sativa Indica Hybrid Cannabis Hash Made in BC CanadaArtisanal hash from B.C. for many consumers is some of the best hash on the planet. Many Canadian cannabis consumers and visiting tourists partake in this incredible hash. Some just love to smoke it, while others are a bit more curious. People in Quebec love hash more than any other province!

Want to know how artisanal hash is made?
What makes artisanal hash so desired and sought after across Canada?

There’s an easy answer for this. It’s because quite simply some of the best pot on the planet comes from BC. Craft cannabis is where it all starts and you can find many small mom and pop as well as other private growers that are masters at cultivating premium Canadian mariuana. When you start with strong potent genetics, rich in trichomes and packed full of essential cannabinoids, you get premium end results.

Hashing It Out

Artisanal hash is a unique part of the cannabis culture and community. Many people enjoy this fine product for a number of reasons. Quite possibly the most common of those reasons being the effectiveness that artisanal hash offers consumers on a medicinal/recreation scale when it comes to just feeling good. Hash has a long history of spiritual, medicinal, and recreation that’s blended in with numerous cultures worldwide. When you start with craft Canadian cannabis the hash you end up with is known as artisanal.

A great artisanal hash is all about having an incredible trichome count to start off with. By collecting these delicious trichomes, hash makers have what it takes to start to produce their hash. A process of pressure or heat is then used to finish the process making the hash tight or compressed. Of course, you’ll find each artisanal hash producer has their own secrets that make their hash desirable.

Ancient Old History Cannabis around world

An Old-School Trend Coming Back Again

Hash was a part of the early 70’s and 80’s across much of Europe. In some cultures, hashish was considered acceptable whereas smoking a joint wasn’t. In Morocco, hash has deep spiritual connections where many individuals have wondered into the caves and hillsides of Morocco on a spiritual journey of enlightenment.

The strength of artisanal BC hash is comparable to that of shatter or wax and has been for some time now. With many people unsure of this new trend emerging referred to as dabbing, hash is a blast from the past that these people feel safe with. Because they remember the feeling of being happy, hungry, horny, sleepy, and free! They remember their friends smoking hash and many remember the good times themselves.

Hash Has Pizazz

Artisanal BC hash is bringing it all back. For those who chose hash for religious or cultural reasons, to avoid falling into the new world of concentrates, or because they enjoy doing so, they have the option they need in Canada. Chocolate OG Hash, Moroccan Hash and more are waiting for you to experience in Canada.

When it comes to some of the best hash on the planet though, and what you’ll find in hash clubs across Canada, its hands down artisanal hash from British Columbia.

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