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Pre rolled blunts especially honest blunts bring together two or more cannabis sisters or brothers, THC and hemp flower. Courtesy of the Honest Cannabis’s Honest Blunts, pre-rolled blunts are a serious rarity in any dispensaries and it is pretty easy to understand the reason behind this. Pre rolled blunts take a longer while to roll and also quite a lot of blunt users prefer the option of preferring their own twist. Although Honest Cannabis’s Honest pre rolled Blunts are small in size with simply a small bit more than a ½ gram of flower wrapped into a dry hemp leaf. It is rich in CBD, the hemp leaf may be the preferred part of an Honest pre-roll for some people. Pre rolled blunts burns slower than a regular joint paper but the smell does not stick to some like the regular tobacco and the smoke is much gentle and easier on throats.


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Due to the hemp leaves, it is much more difficult to find the bud’s flavour, but any individual smoking a blunt is not necessarily smoking the cigarette for taste by the way. These type of pre-roll blunts quickly became popular amongst good friends because of their unique appearance and ability to kick in the fun users are looking for. Honest blunt costs nearly $65 after tax for a pack of six which is typically too costly for some. However until a hemp rolling paper is found like that used by for the Honest Blunt uses, users might still have to spend more until the rolling paper is discovered.

Although drugs are pretty expensive, pre rolled blunts may be a preferred alternatives as people preferred not to pay too much for a pre-rolled blunts. Therefore, a more convenient way is getting the tobacco rolling paper and stuffing them with quality weed thereby making them cut down on Honest Cannabis’s pre-rolled blunt exuberant prices.


Typically, regular blunts are sold in weights and at a higher price i.e. blunts are sold by weights which determines the amount they go for. However, for pre-rolled blunts, it may be sophisticated and stress-free for new users who are yet to decipher quality should still settle with the costly pre-rolled blunts. Also, packaged pre-rolled blunts that comes in a pack of six just like the Honest Cannabis’s Honest Blunt take extra caution in selecting the tobacco rolling paper and also utilizing the best quality weed to maintain consumer’s brand loyalty and to drive in more profit.

Many seasoned users are not quite in support of a pre-rolled blunt that goes for $30 or lower as some claim to have contents that is not weed or some prefer to see it rolled in front of them before purchase.  Therefore to answer the question of pre-rolled blunts being worth one’s dollar or penny, asides the quality stuff that may be expensive, purchasing pre-rolled blunts from just anyone is not reliable as it may contain kitchen herbs rolled in saliva.


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