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ACMPR Cannabis License Canada: Benefiting Canadians with Medical Marijuana Access and Home Growing

The ACMPR or Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, made several changes in 2016 when it comes to the area of cannabis in Canada. The Canadian cannabis market has seen substantial growth throughout the entire year and has also adopted new phrasing and laws. The ACMPR was developed from Health Canada’s MMPR (Marihuana for Medical Purposes) and the MMPR was developed from the original MMAR (Medical Marihuana Access Regulations). One of the first things you’ll notice about all of these abbreviations should be that the word or term “marihuana” was removed being replaced with the term cannabis.

Canada is a country known for its diversity. Showing that they understand marijuana prohibition was developed on principles of racism they have adopted to change the terminology and replace the improper Hispanic spelling of marijuana with its proper term cannabis. The spelling of marijuana this way came to be when the United States federal government spelled it like this during the signing of the 1937 MJ Tax Act. The government of this era was clueless as to what the plants name was, where it came from, or any information about it other than it was the problem whites were having with other races and a way to control them.

One of the new laws adopted by the ACMPR was allowing Canadian citizens the right to grow their own cannabis. By applying for a license through Health Canada‘s ACMPR, Canadians can produce their own amounts of personal medicinal cannabis at home or provision through a licensed producer. Not everybody wants to turn to dispensaries as some people truly like to know what is going into the food they eat meaning they like to grow their own fruits and vegetables. This thinking applies to cannabis in the same way.

Health Canada’s ACMPR is setting the stage for cannabis legalization across all of Canada rumoured to happen as early as spring of 2017. With 2016 just coming to an end, Canada has already seen an exponential shift in support for the cannabis community and industry. The support is not only coming from long-term cannabis supporters and activists but also from a growing part of the new community consisting of business professionals and retirees. These individuals help to influence the decisions our political leaders make and it’s easy to see that these leaders have their ears open and are listening to what the public is saying. If you’re a Canadian citizen then you’re one of the lucky ones in the world who may be able to enjoy cannabis the way any adult should be able to very soon. The changes made to the ACMPR in 2016 show progress in a positive direction.

Here’s a recap of what’s changed:

-Canadians with authorization can grow limited amounts of cannabis for medicinal purposes at home
-Authorized Canadian citizens can appoint a designated grower that is licensed as well as continue purchasing their products from one of the current 34 licensed producers in Canada
-To qualify for growing cannabis at home citizens must simply apply with Health Canada after receiving authorization from their doctor
-The racist term “marijuana” was removed from the language pertaining to cannabis on a government level


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