4 positive effects of cannabis

4 Positive Effects of Smoking Weed on the Brain and Body

Smoking your favourite weed strain isn’t just fun, but it’s also good for your overall health -that’s a fact marijuana activists can clearly see! Yes, that’s right. Cannabis has many benefits to offer both your brain and body, especially if used in moderation. Checkout this report from Harvard if you want to read about more of the health benefits of cannabis. So, to quickly help you figure out how amazing marijuana really is, we’ll show 4 reasons how it positively affects our health.

  1. Allows users to feel good

People smoke bud to get high, and that’s the whole point! This different type of strains stimulates users brain cells to release a “feel good” chemical called dopamine. This chemical is responsible for providing satisfaction. This is the main reason why pot smokers still smoke cannabis despite it being banned or even illegal in some countries. However, marijuana is no longer illegal in Canada, read our blog post to learn more!

  1. Gives you the munchies

Most people, even weed plant virgins know that taking cannabis will make you feel really hungry – even when you’re not. THC tricks your brain in a way that you’ll feel you can eat a whole box of pizza in afew seconds. That is the why THC has been a huge hit for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments who tend to often lose their appetites during treatments.

Not only is weed great at giving you the munchies, it’s also great when enjoyed in munchie form! Make sure to checkout our edibles pages to get some delicious cannabis distillate infused chocolates, candies or capsules.

  1. Shed extra fat

Want to lose body weight naturally without sweating too much? Taking weed plant is absolutely the solution for that. Pot is lipophilic, which means that it helps dissolves fat in the body and CBD is also a great anti-inflammatory agent.

Another trick that we commonly see athletes and strength/body power lifters do is supplement with a 1:1 CBD to THC tincture mixed with MCT-oil in their coffees in the morning to boosts metabolism, anti-inflammatory and recovery while also slightly stimulating the body as a pre-workout. Read more about it at this bulletproof coffee article.

A great product for using cannabis for weight loss is the THC capsules, you can buy them here.

  1. Lessen health problems

People who consume or smoke cannabis are scientifically proven to live with little to no health problems according to several studies. For example see this article on the 23 health benefits of marijuana. Although the effects could be different to each individual, it’s still no doubt that kush is indeed not a harmful drug despite it having a bad reputation at the moment.

Guess what? There’s lots of benefits weed plant can offer to you aside from the above. In fact, we still don’t know the true potential of this special type of greens, but one thing is for certain: we can expect more great things to come from it!


Let’s not forget that IN ADDITION to all these great health benefits, vaping THC and CBD in vape pens is even BETTER for you because of the less damage dine to the lungs compared to classically smoking cannabis in a rolled cigarette paper, joint, pipe or water-bong. So if you want to enjoy ALL 4 of the above health benefits of smoking THC with the absolute minimal health damage/side-effects then you NEED to checkout our vape products in the vape shop.

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