​Looking For A Good Deal On An Ounce?

The best way to get a great deal on an ounce of high-quality craft bud grown organically in beautiful BC is by mail-ordering one of our Bud Sample Boxes.


The Bud Sample Box is $225, qualifying you for free shipping! 


That means it is a perfect way to try out a few different top shelf strains when looking for your perfect flavor!

Unsure of which bud is best for you? We are happy to suggest a strain depending on your needs and have customer service available 7 days/week to assist you with your needs. Shoot us an email!

Each Bud Sample Box is made up of 7 grams of each of the 4 strains that are picked, totaling 28g/1oz.  When ordering the Bud Sample Box you are welcome to either choose your own strains at checkout, or if you have a hard time deciding we can just send you the freshest 4 strains we have available.

Our customers love this option for getting to know what Boutique Cannabis has to offer. 28 grams of top shelf product, delivered FREE to your doorstep. You ALSO receive 225 credit points to go toward your next purchase!


Want to try our latest strains?

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